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Manitoba Model Builders is sponsored by 

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MMB Newest Club Updates - June 7, 2019

MMB will take a break from the workshops for June and July to let

members and their families enjoy the limited summer we get 'round these parts.

We will return in August on the last Sunday as usual, with a workshop as yet to be determined. We had plans in place but some issues arose so we will email when things are firmed up.

Hobby Sense together with Manitoba Model Builders invites You to start building  your next model masterpiece, and bring  it into Hobby Sense between Sept. 1st and Nov.30th, to be safely displayed.

The public can then vote on their favorite model between Nov 1st and Dec 15th. One lucky person will then receive a $100 gift card and Certificate from Hobby Sense.

START building, Have FUN  and show us your NEW masterpiece.


Our last airbrush workshop has come and gone with a modest turnout given

that we are in to the summer...? ...season, so thanks to all that came out.

Unfortunately we were unable to let all attending to get their hands on

a gun to shoot some paint as I could not get the regulator hooked up

to the new manifold I installed on the compressor. All in all, I think we covered

some good tips and techniques while showing some stuff on a actual model,

even if it was a real turd...LOL...!! More info to come about the plans

for the summer stretch either here or in a club email.


Starting next week, Artist's Emporium will be offering a discount on products

in their store to all registered MMB members. Just show your card 

at the check-out and you will receive a 10% discount.

See you at the workshops...Laurie, resident Airhead

Model Caves


"Darryl's Workshop"

  •   I use several tables,  along with 3 drafting tables, and many many lamps, and any and all vacant spaces to store things. It may not be that organized, but I can find what I need, eventually...!


Send us your pics

Take pics of your shop, bench, closet, corner, wherever you get away to create your masterpiece


Send the pics via our site

Try for the sharpest images you can, and send them here and we will post for all to see.

Airbrush Help Desk

We have dropped in 5 sheets of general airbrush notes to help you 

get a handle on any issues you may be having with your airbrush. These are generic problems

that can create havoc with almost any and all airbrushes out there. They are in a downloadable

format so you can copy them to your 'puter for later reference.

MMB Airbrush Maintenance Service

During the normal use of your airbrush, problems pop up that can drive you crazy...!

If you are at your wits end, you can drop off your airbrush at HobbySense and we will 

give it a full ultrasonic cleaning, check all components for wear and tear, re-lube all necessary fittings, 

test and ensure all components are within spec and working properly. Should the gun require

 replacement parts, we will notify you of what is required so you can purchase them

 from your favorite dealer. The cost for this Maintenance Service is $35.00. 

Our Goal

Put the "fun" back in scale modeling...!

The MMB Plan

Share the talents of builders

who have tried and tested many

of the techniques used in building all manner of model genres

The Details

Meeting at Hobby Sense, Manitoba Model Builders in Winnipeg will explore all the processes of building, painting, weathering, dioramas, airbrushing and expose all those "secrets" on how to get that special build you've always wanted. MMB...the place to be...!

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