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Manitoba Model Builders is sponsored by 

 Hobby Sense

2020 workshops...contact us if you have ideas for a workshop

January 5.... Advanced Airbrushing

January 26....Photo Etch, Bare Metal Foil, Panel line tricks

February 23....Masking canopies, panel lines, more modelling basics, tips/tricks


April 26.....Big Rigs, Trucks & Trailers

May 31.....Ships, Subs, Naval

Please note...

The above dates are pretty much set, but further announcements regarding the instructors will follow and we will also email the membership in advance

MMB club news and information


We are talking with Igor about adding  modeling "bling" to the store,

and with  that in mind we are looking to get finished models to show off and hang from the ceiling to get a bit of that 'ol school charm that used 

to permeate past hobby shops here in town. Give me or Darryl a shout if you think you might have a kit that would fit the bill.


Artist's Emporium is now offering a 10% on store purchases to all MMB members. Just show your memb. card at the time of sale.

See you at the workshops...Laurie, resident Airhead

mmb flea market


Current vintage kits for sale

Vintage MPC Darth Vader Tie Fighter - sealed $50

Vintage MPC Star Destroyer - $70

Vintage AMTMillennium Falcon cutaway - $75

Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise Refit - $110

Vintage AMT X-Wing complete - $40

AMT Speederbike - $50

AMT Encounter on Degobah with Yoda - $50

Revell Monogram Cylon Raider 1998 - $20

Vintage Luke Skywalker's Snow Speeder - $30

Klingon Bird of Prey 1/650 (stand partially started)

Revell Master Series/Fine Molds 1/48 Tie Fighter WOW kit - $65

Vintage MPC Return of the Jedi Y-Wing snap kit - $25

contact - mikenadwidny@gmail.ca

Model Caves


"Dave's Workshop"

  •   Gotta like Dave's simplicity when it comes to a "build corner" in the model den. I don't even know what colour my cutting mat is...!!


Marc's bench

Send the pics via contacts at bottom of MMB page

Try for the sharpest images you can, and we will post for all to see.


John's workbench

Needs waaayyy more storage on the walls for "stash"...LOL...!

Modeling Links

Automotive Stuff

Aircraft/Armor Stuff

Automotive Stuff

Aircraft/Armor Stuff

Aircraft/Armor Stuff

Models, tools, Paints

Models, tools, Paints

Model Kits & other stuff

Models, tools, Paints


Model Kits & other stuff

Model Kits & other stuff

Model Kits & other stuff

Model Kits & other stuff

Model Kits & other stuff

MMB Airbrush Help Line

There are times when your airbrush does NOT want to co-operate. You have cleaned it to the best of your abilities. but the brush is being stubborn and you've run out of options. That's where our new MMB Airbrush Maintenance Service comes in. Drop off your brush at HobbySense with Igor, and we will disassemble it, give it a proper ultrasonic cleaning, remove all old paint and debris, lubricate the necessary fittings, check all parts for wear and tear, and reassemble to perfect working condition. Should we encounter any parts that need replacing, we will inform you and give you the option to allow us to purchase needed parts and install, or leave that to you. If you decide to purchase the parts yourself, we will install at no extra charge. The cost for this service is $35CDN

Our Goal

Put the "fun" back in scale modeling...!

The MMB Plan

Share the talents of builders

who have tried and tested many

of the techniques used in building all manner of model genres

The Details

Meeting at Hobby Sense, Manitoba Model Builders in Winnipeg will explore all the processes of building, painting, weathering, dioramas, airbrushing and expose all those "secrets" on how to get that special build you've always wanted. MMB...the place to be...!

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Manitoba Model Builders

MMB Club Reps... Darryl Audette darrylaudette@shaw.ca Laurie Taite spitfire21@mymts.net


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